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  • Aptoyu Solar Lights, Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights for Driveway Garden Wall Back Door Step Stair Fence Deck Yard Patio, Pack of 4
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  • 3 Modes:
    1. Bright Long Light Mode–Auto turn on “Bright light” when in darkness or at night, the light continuous bright and won’t turn off until
    the batteries are drained.

    2. Dim Light Sensor Mode–Auto turn on “Dim Light” in darkness or at night. When motion detected turn on “Bright Light”, when
    motion stopped for 30 seconds, it will turn to “Dim Light” again.

    3. Sensor Mode–Under Sensor Mode, the default light remains off. Auto turn on “Bright Light” in darkness or at night when motion
    is detected, when motion stopped for 30 seconds it will turn off automatically again.

    How to select the mode: 
    You need to turn on the mode first. There is a switch on the back of the item, you can adjust to mode 1, mode 2 or mode 3.
    1.Press the button for 5 seconds to start the light, default Mode 1: Bright Long Light Mode;
    2.Press the button again, turns to mode 2: Dim Light Sensor Mode;
    3.Press the button again, turns to mode 3: Sensor Mode;
    4.Press the button again, turn off the light.

    1.Li-ion battery: 1200mAh
    2.Solar charging time: 2-8 hours
    3.Product Dimension: 4.7*4.2*2.3 in
    4.Waterproof grade: IP64

    Package Contents
    lamp * 4
    Use manual * 1
    Screw Pack * 1